Extreme Sports Weekend

Extreme Sports Weekend

Boardwalk Beach Resort Panama City Beach

Boardwalk Beach Resort is a proud sponsor of both EVP and The SuperCup of Watercross National Tour. Coming in May, the Boardwalk Beach Resort’s beach will be transformed into an extreme sports mecca, that neither spectator nor athlete will want to miss. Book your vacation with us and get this extra entertainment, at no cost to you!

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Click Here to view the results from the 2014 Super Cross of Watercross.

With average May temperatures above 80 degrees, we are expecting picture perfect

weather for an Extreme Sports Weekend in Panama City Beach, FL. The Boardwalk Beach Resort’s beach-front will be packed with people there to witness and participate in the Boardwalk Beach Spike N’ Splash Pro-Am Volleyball Tournament and The SuperCup of Watercross National Tour by IJSBA.

Professionals and Amateurs alike will have their opportunity to show off their volleyball skills all day Saturday. The pros will even be encouraging interested spectators to get involved and learn more about the sport, while they are competing for a $4000 purse. This interactive volleyball experience is brought to you by Boardwalk Beach Resort – The Resort for Sports!

While this volleyball action is going on in the sand, the Gulf will have high-energy watercross professionals competing in the SuperCup of Watercross (UWP-IJSBA National Tour)! This event will include several different races and a freestyle competition that is truly a pleasure to witness. These races will test the speed and riding ability throughout several laps, with each lap being about a ½ mile. The Freestyle competition is scheduled to take place Saturday at noon, and is intended to show off the rider’s skill, expertise and creativity. The winner of the freestyle competition will be determined by a panel of judges. You can witness this first hand ONLY AT THE BOARDWALK BEACH RESORT!


For your front-row seat to this action packed weekend, call 800-224-4853 for reservations and availability! Boardwalk Beach Resort – The Resort for Sports !

  • Click Here, if you are looking for more volleyball information or to sign-up to compete in the amateur EVP Volleyball Tournaments. 
  • Click Here, if you are looking for more information on the Supercross of Watercross event. 


Extreme Sports Weekend 2012 & 2013 Photo Gallery

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