Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer Fun in the Sun

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What time of the year offers more Florida sun, than the summer? What is a better time than a weekend to celebrate summer fun? Where is the best place to celebrate a weekend of fun in the sun? The answer is Boardwalk Beach Resort, where having fun in the sun is our specialty! We are your Summer Fun Headquarters in Panama City Beach and there is no question about that.

Our expansive beach-front offers our guests the opportunity to create their very own custom beach vacation. Some guests may prefer to lay-out, read a book and soak up the sun’s rays; while others may prefer to go for a swim in the gulf or play a game of volleyball; either way we’ve got you covered!

If the sand and saltwater is not your speed, no problem, we have swimming pools that everyone will love. The Hotels at Boardwalk have two different on-site swimming pools, with one providing a view of the beach. The Boardwalk Condo has a beach-front
luxury pool of its own that includes an area with a kids only Splash Zone and 2 hot-tubs.

  • Every Saturday and Sunday, Under the Boardwalk Bar & Grill serves up delicious cocktails and savory food, while creating a beach ambiance with live music.
  • We have Snow Cone stands set up on our Boardwalk throughout the day.
  • The Corner Market has beach materials for sale and even tasty ice cream.

Every Saturday night our beach-front is transformed into an outdoor theater, with a Sunset Cinema Movie. Around sunset, our 25 Foot Inflatable Movie Screen will be airing
a family-friendly movie for everyone to enjoy. This is 100% free for our guests, so bring your beach chair or blanket and grab a front row seat!

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