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Living Church of God

Boardwalk Beach Resort is proud to host the Feast of Tabernacles 2017 and welcomes the Living Church of God to Panama City Beach, Florida! Make the most of your time and budget, by taking advantage of group discounted on-site condo units or hotel rooms. Take advantage of this exclusive offer to Living Church of God guests while it’s still available. Discounted rates are currently available until July 2, 2017.

Make plans to stay at Boardwalk Beach Resort Hotel & Convention Center by calling 800-224-45853 or booking online. Reservations can be made at Boardwalk Condo by calling 800-224-4853.*


* Please review our units online prior to calling our reservations line if you would like to request a specific unit. If you would like to request the same unit you stayed in last year, please let the agent know at the beginning of the call so they can see if it is available.

Specific Unit Limitations: While Royal American Beach Getaways will make every attempt to place guests in their selected condo or room, due to circumstances beyond the company’s control, we are not able to guarantee specific units or rooms. Please understand that between the time of booking and your arrival, maintenance issues can develop unexpectedly, condo sales can occur and other circumstances outside of our power can render a property uninhabitable.

We now offer travel insurance. Guests can potentially avoid this loss with the purchase of CSA Travel Protection Insurance. In addition to covering cancellation or stay interruptions, the insurance covers travel delays, baggage delays, rental car damage plus emergency/medical expenses. The insurance premium, 6.95% of the full payment, is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you would like to purchase the insurance, please let the agent know at the time of booking. Please know if you purchase the insurance the remaining balance for the booking is due 30 days prior to arrival and is non-refundable.